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Kreeda Vaibhav 2K24

Kreeda Vaibhav is an annual sports festival hosted by BGS & SJB Group of Institutions. This year, the event took place on March 21 and March 22, with a special focus on the healthcare fraternity. Participants included doctors, interns of MBBS, nursing students, allied health science students, and professors. The enthusiasm among the participants was palpable as they engaged in various sporting activities, fostering camaraderie and a sense of community within the healthcare profession. Kreeda Vaibhav not only promotes physical activity but also provides a platform for networking and building relationships among healthcare professionals.


This year’s Kreeda Vaibhav had the honor of hosting Mr. Tejasvi Surya, Member of Parliament, Bengaluru South Constituency. His presence added a significant spark to the atmosphere at Kreeda Vaibhav. As the Guest of Honor, his participation likely brought excitement and enthusiasm to the event drawing attention and interest from attendees. His presence elevated the energy levels and heightened the overall experience for those present, contributing to the event’s success and memorable moments.            

Ms. Sahana Kumari as the Chief Guest. Ms. Sahana Kumari is an esteemed athlete and an international high jump champion. Her remarkable achievement during the event was breaking an eight-year-old Indian national record of 1.91 meters, previously held by Keralite Bobby Aloysius. This feat not only highlights Ms. Sahana Kumari’s exceptional talent and dedication but also serves as an inspiration to all participants, encouraging them to pursue their athletic aspirations with determination and passion. Her presence added immense value to the event, motivating the participants to excel in their respective sporting endeavors.


The distinguished presence of Shri. Dr. B Vasantha Shetty, Deputy Registrar and Sports Director of RGUHS, undoubtedly enhanced the prestige of this year’s Kreeda Vaibhav. As a highly respected figure in the realm of sports and academia, his attendance likely brought a sense of honor and importance to the event. His expertise and experience in sports administration added value to the proceedings, further solidifying the event’s reputation and significance.

Additionally, Revered Sri Sri Dr. Prakashnath Swamiji, with his esteemed presence, further motivated the participants and extended his best wishes for their success. Their collective encouragement undoubtedly inspired the participants to perform at their best. The attendance of these three dignitaries along with the blessings of Poojya Swamiji emphasized the importance of sports and physical activity in the healthcare community.

Overall, the event was memorable marked by the convergence of sports, healthcare, and community spirit, leaving a lasting impression on all those who attended.
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