SJB School of Architecture and Planning

SJB School of Architecture and Planning aspires to provide a pro- poor, pro- rural focus to a profession that is otherwise perceived to be elitist and urban. The vision of the School is to ‘think global and serve locally’, a tradition followed by His Holiness Balagangadhranatha Swamiji all his life.
The School aspires to be a ‘one-stop’ destination for courses encompassing most disciplines that can be classified as part of the ‘Built Environment’. In its early years, two under graduate programs- Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Planning will co- exist and complement two inseparable professions. As soon as these two primary offerings of the School achieve stability, the focus will shift to bringing about specialized disciplines such as Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design and Construction Management emerging as the most comprehensive School in south India, with the aim of providing world class planning for cities and rural areas.

To help students develop a global outlook, student exchange programs will be initiated with leading universities from the UK, USA, Australia and Far East. To bring students and professors from around the world to SJBSAP, the School will offer ‘Curated Architectural tours’, giving them option to explore Indian heritage and Architecture.

With dedicated faculty and supportive and noble management, the School intends to emerge as a leader and hub of comprehensive education in ‘Built Environment’.


To ‘Think Globally, Serve Locally’ (tie-ups through Global interaction / participation, but acting in our local Urban & Regional areas)


  • To foster ‘wholesome’ built developments integrating architecture, landscape architecture and urban design in every project.
  • To foster ‘integrated’ Urban and Regional (includes Rural) planning and development.



SJB School of Architecture & Planning
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