BGS School of Architecture and Planning

BGS School of Architecture and Planning (BGSSAP) is the destination for students who wants to pursue, sharpen and develop their skills in sustainable design, or for students who would like to contribute to the creation of a sustainable built environment as a responsible and sensitive Global Citizen, the faculty team at BGSSAP is dedicated to reach such goals.

The institutional focus is dedicated towards the creation and maintenance of sustainable buildings and communities based on a GO GREEN concept. Sustainable Architecture could be defined as the creation of habitat for which only renewable resources are consumed throughout the process of design, construction and operation. In order to achieve this, the process for the B.Arch Degree (Intake of 80 from Aug 2015) is taught with an emphasis on traditional planning and design heritages from across India as well as current trends in sustainability and future practices, processes and materials, which give future architects and planners valuable skills to create a sustainable built environment. The subjects range from pre-design stages to designing, construction, post-construction, maintenance, operation and evaluation of buildings. We intend to provide hands-on experience through workshops, seminars, site-visits, faculty-led architectural study tours to destinations within India and abroad to provide a total educational perspective.

BGSSAP with its dedicated faculty and noble management is destined to provide its students with an education that combines rigorous academic programs integrated with co-curricular activities such as workshops, guest lectures, sports, cultural, NASA and events for the overall development of a student. We seek to cultivate in each student of BGSSAP community the skill and passion to work sensibly, creatively, and commendably for the betterment of humankind.


“GO GREEN : Global in Outlook, Local in Context”


To advance knowledge in Sustainable Built Environment & Planning that will best serve our nation and the world.

BGS School of Architecture & Planning
BGS Knowledge City, BGS International Residential School Campus
Nityanandha Nagar, K.Gollahalli Post,
Bengaluru South-560074, Karnataka, INDIA.
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